The world is moving fast with amazing technology but so is our life and needs, and to better adapt to the fast pace of your life LG has worked hard to improve the technical aspects of its products fastly. 

A fridge is a necessity but imagines one that you can see what's inside it without even having to open its doors!  

This is exactly what LG made possible with their knock-knock instaview fridges, as well as many features added on to keep your food fresh, clean, and healthy!  

A great feature for saving energy 

The LGs’ door in door fridges with the insta feature has won many awards and innovations for their pleasing aesthetics and wonderful feature, as all consumers need to view their food inside their fridge is only knocking twice on its’ screen display, the idea behind this wonderful technology was to save on cold air escaping from the fridge, by providing a glass panel that reflects what makes inside the fridge snacks and drinks compartment by a double knock, and that helped save more than 40% of cold air from being lost. 

Lg fridge instaview

Leading Awards  

2020 CES Innovation Award Honoree (LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice, honored by Consumer Technology Association of US) 
2019 Red Dot Design Award Winner (LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, honored by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen of Germany) 
2018 iF Design Award Winner (LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator, honored by International Forum Design of Germany) 
2017 IDEA Bronze Award Winner (LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator, honored by Industrial Designers Society of America) 

6 Reasons that make LG Instaview door to door fridge a healthy choice for your life 

UltraViolet sterilization technology for freshwater 

The UV-LED technology that LG instaview fridges have built-in which is called UVnano works on eliminating 99,99% of all bacteria inside the water outlet section every hour, to sterilize the entire water outlet and make sure that the water you drink is the freshest and the cleanest, such investment in features that provides all protection needed from bacteria in your water. 

Many LG fridges feature NSF certified water filter that reaches up to a capacity of 200 gallons with the ability to remove all chlorine taste and smell by reducing the lead, mercury, and asbestos. 

Keep Your Food Fresh up to 7 days with LINEAR Cooling™ 

We all enjoy having a fresh plate of salad or cutting through a freshly grilled piece of steak, but with LGS’ LINEAR Cooling™ technology, the food you store in the fridge will preserve its’ freshness for up to 7 continuous days! How crazy is that? The idea behind the LINEAR Cooling™ feature in LG fridges is that it works on reducing temperature fluctuations within ±0.5℃ which helps keep your food fresh for a long, so the next time you go shopping, you do not have to worry about getting that extra KG of vegetables that you have always worried about. 

 Lg healthy life

Better Cooling with Door Cooling™ technology 

Seal in freshness with the best cooling system which is through Door Cooling™ technology that cools the food 25% faster than normal fridges, this air duct near the door helps keep your food and drinks near the door even cooler. 

 lg door to door cooling

Your food but fresher with Hygiene FRESH+™ 

Ever had that moment where you’ve opened your fridge door and just could not stand the odor coming from it? Well, that goes to indicate the level and amount of bacteria it has preserved inside and to solve that issue LG fridges features Hygiene FRESH+™ technology in their fridges that keep the fridge smelling great through a carbon filtration system, going through 5 steps of air filtration, removing up to 99,999% of bacteria that make your food smell great and always fresh. 

 Lg fridge uae

Saving energy with LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor 

One of the best features from LG fridges is the LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor, as many of us look for energy saving as a main key-decision factor in buying an electric appliance, this made many LG instaview fridges reach A+++ with energy-saving, this system also has fewer friction points which make it have less DB noise. 

 lg a+++

A smart fridge for a smart life using LG ThinQ™ 

With the LG ThinQ™ app, you will always be connected to your fridge, controlling everything from the convenience of your own using your smartphone, set up temperatures and control HygieneFRESH+™, and diagnose any issues in your fridge might face using a couple of buttons from the tip of your fingers. 

  lg refrigerator

LG instaview fridges are the entire package, with top-notch carefully crafted designs, to smart thoroughly detailed features for better health and better usage makes them a wonderful investment for the health of yourself or your family, Life is better with LGs’ appliances, so do not hesitate to invest in your health with an LG fridge that we assure it would be an upgrade from traditional fridges. 

Visit LGs’ official UAE website for more information about the latest LG insta-view fridges, and more. 

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Live The Healthy Lifestyle That You Deserve with LG Appliances


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