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Wolfi’s Bike Shop

Cycling is a very great transportation option, you can easily go to your work or to your destination riding a bike instead of taking your car or other public transportation methods, the thing is through cycling traffic jams are very avoidable as often you will have routes that are specified for bikes only, and if you do not have a bike do not worry there are many places for bike rental in Dubai , whether you are a tourist or a citizen this guide will be very helpful to let you know the best places for bike rentals in terms of quality, prices, and areas of access, so buckle up, and get ready to broaden your options for sightseeing and relaxing or transportation in this amazing City.

Please note that quad bike rental in Dubai follows new regulations, as the RTA introduced new bike rules where it is now illegal to drive quad bikes and scooters in internal areas, beaches, and residential areas.

Top 5 bike rental in Dubai destinations 

Nextbike is a German company that is in collaboration with BYKY Bike is a nap that allows you to book bicycles from your own convenience you can find a lot of bicycles part through the next Bike Stop however you have to register first using your own personal information such as your full name your UAE phone number as well as your address before renting a bike oh so they do offer a feature where they give you a customer card if you are a frequent user.

Nextbike Stations across Dubai:

This is the list of Nextbike stations that you can rent a bike from or return your bike to:

Marina Yacht Club
JBR Shams Luxury Homes
Marina Walk
Marina Promenade 
Grosvenor House Hotel
Marina Mall
Stefano’s Café
Spinneys Supermarket

Nextbike rental prices in Dubai:

For 30 mins: 15 AED
For 1 hour: 20 AED
For 2 hours: 25 AED
For 3 hours: 30 AED
For 4 hours: 35 AED
For 5 hours: 40 AED
For 1 Day 24 hours: 80 AED

Nextbike app download: nextbike app playstore version

 You Can Share a Bike Around Expo 2020 Dubai Site

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BYKY Is the first official bike rental in Dubai that was established back in 2007, they are well known for their excellent service end they offered a wide range of quality bikes suitable for both adults or young people that you can choose from so if you have a family undo you want to rent some bikes, you can rent some for your kids as well as for you all you have to do before renting a bike in Dubai is to provide the company with both your ID card and license you also have to pay the rental fees before renting the bike and then you will receive a final receipt that you can use to take the bike out.

BYKY stations across Dubai:

This is the list of BYKY stations that you can rent a bike from or return your bike to:

City Walk P2
Al Seef
Al Barsha Park
Creek Park
JBR, The Beach
Dubai Marina
Nahda Pond Park

BYKY rental prices in Dubai:

For 30 mins regular bike: 20 AED
For 45 E-scooter: 50 AED
For 45 mins double bike: 55 AED
For 45 mins Berg family bike: 70 AED

BYKY office working hours:

8:00 am – 3:00 pm daily 

BYKY official website

TREK bicycle store in Dubai

Trek bicycle offers bike rental services in Dubai, and it is located near the Al Qudra cycling course which makes it very easy for you to rent one right away on the track, it has a wide range of bicycles, helmets, and different services.

How to rent a bike from TREK Bicycle store Dubai ?

You can easily rent a bike through an ID, drivers’ license, or passport, but you should reserve 72 hours early to avoid any delays.

First, open the TREK bicycle store’s official website.
Choose the durations you want to rent a bike for, either 2 hours or 3 or 4 or 1 full day.
Choose the bike you would like to rent, you can either choose a Road bike or Hybrid/flat bar, kids bike or fat bikes, or carbon road bikes.
You can choose as many bikes for reserving, and you need to provide the correct size for the helmets of the rides.
Check the cart, and check out, after that the system will ask you to use the account.
Head to the store after the online booking is done, and show the received email to receive your bikes.

:TREK stations across Dubai

Seih Al Salam store in Al Qudra cycle course

TREK rental prices in Dubai:

Prices differ for bike types and the number of helmets you book as well as how long you book them for, the final check-out cart will show you the costs, on weekends they might cost even more.

TREK office working hours:

6:00 am – 7:00 pm daily from Saturday – Friday

TREK official website

Trek bike uae

Wolfi’s Bike Shop

Wolfi’s bike shop provides bike rental in Dubai services, but if you are looking for the best quality and high-end bikes then Wolfi’s bike, you can rent different types of carbon road bikes of different sizes such as 49 cm, 52 cm, 54 cm, 56 cm, and 58 cm, you can also rent a Scott spark 950 mountain bike.

They also offer fat bikes, M1 Spitzing E-bike, hybrid bikes, and trekking in Dubai.
You can also get help to know what size fits you better.

This high-end service offers the following: 

Bike with a helmet.
Bottle cages.
Saddlebags with tube and tire levers in case of emergency.
Portable pump in case of tire flattening.

How to rent a bike from Wolfi’s Bike Shop?

You need to bring your ID or UAE resident card or even a passport or a drivers license, any verification works, but please note that they take a security deposit that they return once you return the bike, that will all be done before you acquire the bike, and if you return it after the due time, you would be charged extra fees.

Wolfi’s Bike Shop rental prices in Dubai:

For 30 mins regular bike: 20 AED
For 45 E-scooter: 50 AED
For 45 mins double bike: 55 AED
For 45 mins Berg family bike: 70 AED

Wolfi’s Bike Shop working hours:

9:00 Am – 7:00 Pm from Saturday – Wednesday
9:00 Am – 9:00 Pm Tuesday

Wolfi’s Bike shop official website

This is all for our full guide on how to rent a bike in Dubai with full prices and different types, stay tuned with us in UaeMoments as we will also give you a full guide for the top biking routes that you will have a good time going through biking and building up your body or having a good time with the family on a weekend.


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