About Us

7AWI is a leading independent media platform. Established in 2012, we have been pioneers in developing digital media, coupled with innovative platforms and massive audience reaching viewers on all screens.

We are the content wizards, and our mission is; To Inform And Entertain The Arab Youth!

About US

Our titles include, Layalina, Ra2ej, Alqiyady, ArabsTurbo, Sa2eh, Yummy Layalina, Babonej and Tajuki. We are always looking for new opportunities with a mandate to inform and entertain our youth audience.

Our platforms include, Casper Studio an advanced Content Management System, Istibyani and MENArewards (Insights and Market Research) and Social Camels (Digital and Social Marketing)

Our head office is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with satellite offices in Amman, Jordan, Cairo, Egypt and Istanbul, Turkey.