About Us

7awi “pronounced Hawi”   is a regional leader in the Middle East serving passionate fans around the Arab world with content that inspires, informs and entertains. 7awi delivers over 140 articles on a daily basis and over 200 of original videos on a weekly basisacross deeply loved content genres. 7awi is a home of innovation. With great focus on technology, content, social, Influencer Marketing and business excellence. 7awi reaches audience on all screens and services and mobile-first content with focus on social and video. From desktops, laptop, mobile to TV screens, we understand we need to be where the audience is. 7awi taps into all major verticals from lifestyle, fashion, automotive, food, travel, entertainment and more, we pivot to the interest of the personas in the region. With over 100 employees strong, 15 nationalities, operating from Dubai, Amman, Cairo and Istanbul, and proudly empowering women across all the functions and representing 60% of the total human capital. We believe in diversity and empower all our employees with a culture of respect and recognition.