7awi Media Group, the leading digital media platform in the Middle East and North Africa is excited to announce the launch of its new gaming media platform ArabGamerZ (Abbreviated as AGZ), a new gaming destination with a complete range of up to date and exciting content for gamers of all ages and interests in the region.

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web, gaming has been an essential part of the entertainment industry. As technology continues to improve, so do video games. For decades, video games have entertained both kids and adults. With a young and tech-savvy community, the gaming industry in the region has a bright future.

ArabGamerz (AGZ) is a platform for gamers looking to engage in creative content and be part of a large community that can provide feedback to brands and companies. AGZ works with an experienced and dedicated team to provide unique content, including guides, tips, thought-provoking articles, and daily news and reviews. 

With AGZ we aim to enrich the player experience and be the one-stop destination for all Arab gamers' needs. AGZ's goal is to serve and support all gamers from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and build the largest gaming community in the area.  

Gamers can explore a variety of unique and helpful content, from fun-to-read articles to gaming tips and guides, with more ideas coming soon. In addition to the extensive library of content, AGZ aims to maintain direct contact with gamers from all Arab countries to build the largest Arab gaming community and establish a link between players and brands.

“We are thrilled to launch ArabGamerZ, the ultimate gaming platform for the Arab community,” said Anas Abbar, founding partner and CEO of the 7awi Media Group. “Our goal is to provide a dedicated space for Arab gamers to come together and enjoy their shared passion for gaming. We can't wait for the community to experience all that ArabGamerZ has to offer.”

“We have developed a plan to set important records every three months and aim to be the leading gaming platform in the MENA region within the first year. Our ambition for this project grows by the day, and in the coming year, we will have more special things to offer and more records to set, highlighted by greater achievements and a larger community of Arab players,” he added.

In collaboration with CODATI, the leading digital wallet company, a survey was commissioned to understand better gamers' needs and views in the Arab world. Key highlights were the willingness to spend on gaming consoles and games, the future of mobile gaming, and the quality of locally developed games.

ArabGamerZ is committed to delivering the best gaming experience to players in the region. Visit www.ArabGamerZ.com to uplift your gaming and join the ArabGamerZ gaming community.

7awi Media Group Launches “ArabGamerZ” Gaming Destination for GenZ

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